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Brian started in the construction field straight out of High School, and immediately, it became his passion. Over his 23 year career, he worked for a company that built bridges and highways. Within this company he has been apart  of building the Sandy Hook bridge, converting a 2 lane road into a 4 lane road on route 21, and building the 14th street viaduct in Hoboken, just to name a few.


But his career and passion came to a halt when he was badly injured on what would be his final big project. "I was injured on the last project that I worked on in heavy highway construction, and was told by doctors that I would never work construction again. After several years of rehabilitation, I found myself doing little jobs for people that I know. It was then I realized that I was able to continue my passion for working in construction, only on a smaller scale. Now I own my own company and, instead of building bridges, I beautify people's homes through full or partial renovations, plus I take care of all extras in-between. I build my clients' visions into a lifestyle."

No matter the project, Brian takes pride in producing excellent work, offering competitive fees, and delivering outstanding results on time - every time. From start to finish, he ensures all his clients are well informed and takes care of all that bureaucratic oversight if necessary.  Call today for a free estimate.

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